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The M40 team at Foodtech QLD after a successful 3 days.

 Energy, in the form of electricity and gas, is one of the largest business costs in the food sector.

Foodtech Qld is the new trade event for the food and beverage manufacturing industry in Queensland.  The show will be held in Queensland from 26-28 June at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition

Take a look at the February edition of Ecolibrium, where the recent AIRAH awards were featured and Inga Doemland of Minus40 made an appearance for winning 2015 Student of the year. 

Ozone-depleting refrigerant to be phased out worldwide

R22 is an ozone-depleting refrigerant which is currently being phased out under the Montreal Protocol.


Who we work with

  • Arnotts
  • Meat and Livestosk Authority
  • Meat Industry Training
  • Qantas Catering
  • Kilcoy