GM Scott

GM Scott is a privately owned meat processor based in Cootamundra, New South Wales. Established in 1952, it now employs 200 staff, making it Cootamundra’s largest employer.

The abattoir processes 3,500 lambs and 200 cattle daily. It’s gas-flushed, cryovac sealed lamb products are sold into export and domestic markets, while its fresh beef and lamb are produced under the Noble Farm brand. The factory also processes boneless legs of lamb and frenched racks for NSW Woolworths supermarkets.

Project Details

The current refrigeration systems at GM Scott consist of a newly-built ammonia plant and a separate plant operating on R-404a refriferant. The ammonia refrigeration plant consists of a single stage arrangement for the medium temperature loads and an economised across line arrangement for the low temperature loads.

The plant serves various chiller rooms, the load out, plate freezers and a freezer store. The R-404a refrigeration plant operates in a single stage economised arrangement and provides cooling to other chiller rooms, a carton chiller and a packing and boning room.

MINUS40 proposed the implementation of the following energy efficiency upgrades for the ammonia and R-404a refrigeration plants:

  • Ammonia Plant – Variable Head Pressure Control: The installation of condenser fan VSD’s and implementation of an intelligent control logic varies the refrigeration plant’s head pressure set-point to minimise the total plant’s power consumption as a function of plant load and ambient conditions. An additional advantage is that it stabilises the plant’s operation.
  • Both Plants – Evaporator Fan Speed Control: The evaporator fans in both freezer rooms and carcass chillers are fitted with VSD’s and a suitable speed control logic is implemented. The control logic was specifically designed for each room, in an effort to minimise fan speeds without compromising production and meat quality. Lowered fan speeds significantly reduce fan power consumption and reduce the overall heat load in the room.

MINUS40 Project Services

MINUS40 assisted GM Scott with the following project services:

  • Project identification, conceptual design and feasibility study
  • Provision of functional descriptions for plant control logic
  • Work scope documentation preparation
  • Tender management process
  • CTIP grant application assistance
  • LCA funding application assistance
  • Project measurement and verification (upon project completion)

Project Funding

Throughout the project, MINUS40 assisted GM Scott in acquiring the following financial project assistance:

  • OEH Energy Saver Program: Subsidised 70% of feasibility study
  • Clean Technology Investment Program: $85,373 CTIP Grant
  • Low Carbon Australia: Additional LCA-supported loan