Who We Work With

Who We Work With


Minus40 works with a diverse range of clients in many industries. Some clients are small family businesses that require a reduction in operating costs. Others are national corporations, franchises or large agricultural enterprises.


Government organisations may be involved in projects for a variety of reasons:

  • Regulations for R22 phase-down
  • Incentives for energy use reduction
  • Subsidised energy efficiency audits
  • Upgrades or modifications to heritage buildings
  • Industry information sessions
  • Low-cost finance for efficiency upgrades

Minus40 has extensive involvement in these areas and frequently assists clients to access a range of incentive programs.

Industry Associations

Businesses that are involved in meat processing and retail, fruit processing, wine, dairy and others have one thing in common – their business is highly dependent on refrigeration. Consequently, many business owners become aware of Minus40’s services through presentations at industry associations. Michael Bellstedt, Minus40’s Director is a regular speaker at such events.

Minus40 also provides a range of resources to industry associations, such as case studies, how-to guides and fact sheets.