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Minus40 works with a diverse range of clients in many industries. Some clients are small family businesses that require a reduction in operating costs. Others are national corporations, franchises or large agricultural enterprises.


Government organisations may be involved in projects for a variety of reasons:

  • Regulations for R22 phase-down
  • Incentives for energy use reduction
  • Subsidised energy efficiency audits
  • Upgrades or modifications to heritage buildings
  • Industry information sessions
  • Low-cost finance for efficiency upgrades

Minus40 has extensive involvement in these areas and frequently assists clients to access a range of incentive programs.

Industry Associations

Businesses that are involved in meat processing and retail, fruit processing, wine, dairy and others have one thing in common - their business is highly dependent on refrigeration. Consequently, many business owners become aware of Minus40's services through presentations at industry associations. Michael Bellstedt, Minus40's Director is a regular speaker at such events.

Minus40 also provides a range of resources to industry associations, such as case studies, how-to guides and fact sheets.


Want to learn how to reduce energy costs on  your commercial cold storage and display cabinets?The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage has developed a brand new, half day course on Commercial

The M40 team at Foodtech QLD after a successful 3 days.

 Energy, in the form of electricity and gas, is one of the largest business costs in the food sector.

Foodtech Qld is the new trade event for the food and beverage manufacturing industry in Queensland.  The show will be held in Queensland from 26-28 June at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition

Take a look at the February edition of Ecolibrium, where the recent AIRAH awards were featured and Inga Doemland of Minus40 made an appearance for winning 2015 Student of the year.