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Started in 2000 with a staff of two, Minus40 has always had "reduced environmental impact" and "lower running costs" as it's guiding principles. It now has a staff of 11, but remains committed to the same core values. The last three years in particular have seen very rapid growth together with an expansion into all states and strong growth in the meat, dairy, beverage and cold storage industries.

The company combines many decades of both Australian and International experience among its staff. Expertise covers the field of refrigeration, process cooling & heating, industrial HVAC, heat recovery and other thermal systems.

Minus40 has been involved in a range of activities within the general field of refrigeration, air-conditioning and process cooling, including industrial refrigeration for the food and cold storage industries, environmental simulation systems for automotive development, commercial refrigeration for food retail and manufacturing, process cooling, heat rejection systems and a number of special applications.

Advocacy for energy efficiency has been a central theme from the beginning, based upon research, employee education and projects. The company is engaged with multiple industry assocations:

  • Energy Efficiency Council – Minus40 company membership since 2013
  • Wine Engineers Association (WEA) – Minus40 member since 2011
  • Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association (RWTA) – Minus40 associate membership since 2009.  Michael joined the RWTA Energy Efficiency committee in October 2010 and has been an active contributor ever since.

The Green Cooling Council (formerly the Natural Refrigerants Transition Board) was founded in February 2003 by Michael Bellstedt, where he was the head unti March 2008.This organisation was funded by a $4 million grant from the federal Greenhouse Gas Abatement Program awarded after Michael initiated and spearheaded the grant application process.

Minus40 is constantly seeking new technologies and new answers for challenges faced by our clients, and we seek to find solutions that are energy efficient and environmentally benign whilst meeting financial performance targets.This is supported by multiple internal research projects, exploring new solutions.The copany is well-placed to recommend solutions in many situations, ranging from efficiency tuning to complete system design.


Want to learn how to reduce energy costs on  your commercial cold storage and display cabinets?The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage has developed a brand new, half day course on Commercial

The M40 team at Foodtech QLD after a successful 3 days.

 Energy, in the form of electricity and gas, is one of the largest business costs in the food sector.

Foodtech Qld is the new trade event for the food and beverage manufacturing industry in Queensland.  The show will be held in Queensland from 26-28 June at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition

Take a look at the February edition of Ecolibrium, where the recent AIRAH awards were featured and Inga Doemland of Minus40 made an appearance for winning 2015 Student of the year.