Energy Efficiency & Feasibility Audits

The objectives of an energy audit are to:

  • Understand site and plant energy usage
  • Identify and quantify energy saving opportunities on your plant
  • Assess the economic viability of these opportunities
  • Develop an implementation plan

We offer different levels of energy audits and feasibility studies, suited to your specific requirements. The audit can range from a basic site walkthrough in which opportunities and problems are highlighted, to a full investigation and analysis which establishes payback periods and rates of return for a range of projects.

MINUS40’s internally developed energy and thermodynamic modelling techniques allow us to simulate system performance under the specific load and climatic conditions and accurately predict the energy consumption of different systems.

Depending on the level of detail, an energy audit typically includes the following:

  • Site visit and investigation
  • Data-monitoring (plant operation & power consumption)
  • Gas & power consumption analysis (total site and plant)
  • Data and performance analysis and concept development
  • Energy and thermal modelling to accurately predict energy savings
  • Project costing
  • Implementation plan development