Energy Efficiency & Feasibility Audits

Energy Efficiency & Feasibility Audits

The objectives of an energy audit are to:

  • Understand site and plant energy usage
  • Identify and quantify energy saving opportunities on your plant
  • Assess the economic viability of these opportunities
  • Develop an implementation plan

We offer different levels of energy audits and feasibility studies, suited to your specific requirements. The audit can range from a basic site walkthrough in which opportunities and problems are highlighted, to a full investigation and analysis which establishes payback periods and rates of return for a range of projects.

MINUS40’s internally developed energy and thermodynamic modelling techniques allow us to simulate system performance under the specific load and climatic conditions and accurately predict the energy consumption of different systems.

Depending on the level of detail, an energy audit typically includes the following:

  • Site visit and investigation
  • Data-monitoring (plant operation & power consumption)
  • Gas & power consumption analysis (total site and plant)
  • Data and performance analysis and concept development
  • Energy and thermal modelling to accurately predict energy savings
  • Project costing
  • Implementation plan development

OEH Action Matters Program (NSW Only)

The OEH Action Matters Program is the NSW Governments energy efficiency initiative that provide financial support for energy upgrades such as:

Up to 50% of the Energy Audits cost – Currently on Hold

Implementation support and Measurement and verification– Currently on Hold

Energy Efficiency Trainings on commercial refrigeration, HVAC, Energy management and other various topics. Check this link to see the full list of training courses offered by OEH :

MINUS40 is part of the Energy Saver’s Auditor Panel of the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and is approved to deliver energy audits, implementation support, measurement and verification and training courses under the Action Matters Program.

Except for the training courses, the rest of the program is on hold. New financial supports will be provided by OEH under the climate change fund starting in July 2017.


SV Business Energy Assessment Grants (VIC Only)

Small grants are available to help business with up to 200 full time employees, and spending over $20,000 a year on energy, to commission an energy assessment which will identify and implement energy improvements.

Funding is available to cover 50% of the cost of an energy assessment. The grants are offered at two funding levels: a basic energy assessment is up to $2,000 and a detailed energy assessment is up to $6,000, with access to a $3,000 assessment recommendation implementation bonus.

These grants are open now.


South Australian Energy Productivity Program

The Energy Productivity Program will be available to businesses that use more than 160MWh of electricity each year to incentivise investment in energy productivity measures.

The program has two components:

  • Energy Productivity Audit Grant Program – grants of 75 per cent of the cost of a Level 2 energy audit, up to $15,000, to businesses to engage an external energy auditor to identify energy productivity opportunities.
  • Energy Productivity Implementation Grant Program – grants to implement the recommendations of the audits conducted through the Energy Productivity Audit Grant Program or the recommendations of a recently completed energy audit with a preference for projects that provide broader market benefits to South Australia.

Applications are now open :